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New Type of Unionist

  • New Type of UnionistSally McManus IMAGE: Jackb14 - Cc By-Sa 4 0

ACTU boss says ‘the system is stacked against’ Australian workers

ACTU boss Sally McManus says the only way Australian workers will get a fair go when it comes to wage growth is if the laws are changed.

She said the bottom line was that employers had too much power.

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McManus was NSW Secretary of the Australian Services Union before becoming ACTU Secretary.

She represents a break away from traditional union stereotypes, and has the ability to put her case calmly and intelligently.

“The system is stacked against us,” Ms McManus told Neil Mitchell.

“If you really want your kids to have good, secure jobs, then we’re going to have to change the rules.”

She moved to the ACTU during 2015. During the 2016 federal election, McManus led the ACTU's "Building a Better Future" campaign